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Investment Advisory

Whether you manage a property portfolio or are just starting out as a landlord, you need to invest in buy-to- let property wisely. At RDL, we know the buy-to- let market and how to generate high yields.

Our reputation in the real estate sector, like the demand for RDL developments, is built on quality. We choose the best sites around Nairobi, produce innovative designs, specify high-quality materials and finishes, and manage the construction process so as to achieve our vision of the distinctive RDL development. At every stage, our dedicated Customer Relations Team is there to support you through the decision-making and moving process. As a leading company for properties to buy in Kenya, RDL’s expertise has been honed in the highly competitive Nairobi property market. We are able to offer buyers an unrivalled choice in terms of location, size and type of real estate investment in Nairobi.

There’s never been a better time to buy in Nairobi, and RDL Group can make it happen. We provide a ‘one stop shop’ for buy to purchasers coupled with a fantastic range of properties and offices to buy in great locations around the capital, which could offer high gross office rental yields.

“A city of potential tenants”

Nairobi is home to thousands of employers, which provides a great opportunity for office spaces to let. From world famous companies to niche brands, the capital attracts people from all over the world, drawn by the major opportunities found here.

“A compelling alternative to traditional investments”